Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cost of Track Repairs Exceeds $10K Contingency

I was informed this past week that the final number came in for repairing the ashphalt substrate surface. The change order for this is now at $14,470. The cost of repairs from RAD Sports was approved by Milone and MacBroom. According to Milone and MacBroom, the cost of these repairs was calculated in accordance with the approved bid by RAD Sports on a per-foot basis.

Asphalt seals and repairs needed are for 365LF @ $5/LF for a total of $1,825.  Asphalt patch and repairs needed are for 843SF @ $15/SF for a total of $12,645. 

There's a contingency of $10K for asphalt repairs in the $338,890 appropriation for the track. The difference of the $4,470 will be paid from the BOE Maintenance Budget assuming the BOE votes in favor of this expenditure.

This topic will be discussed at the BOE Planning meeting this week.

A copy of the change order can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Is anybody really surprised by this? Another project led my macbroom and yet another overage. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

good project
Good town
Good turf
Good job by all