Friday, January 7, 2011

Superintendent Budget Recommendation Part II Non-Certified Salaries

Non-Certified Salaries:
  • $30,789 is for Instructional Assistants.  IA's are classified staff used by Special Education and remedial needs.
    • The IAT union contract calls for a 2% wage increase in 2011/2012, 0% in 2012-2013. This was negotiated this past summer. Thank you IATs!
    • FYI, as a result of the State Supreme Court decision in the PJ Case, the district is required to assure that on average, special ed students receive instructional services with their non-disable peers for 80% of the time. As such, I don't see elimination of IAT as a viable option for this budget.
  • -$49,101 for Managers/Supervisors
    • These supervisory positions don't require state certification and are included in this account:
      • Systems Manager, Systems Associate, Supervisor of Fiscal & Transportation Services, Custodial Supervisor, Facilities Manager and Transportation Coordinator.
    • This section will be detailed in later parts.
  • $46,647 for Secretarial/Clerical account.
    • This contains salaries for both full and part-time clerks. Both union and non-union positions are funded by this account.
  • $27,705 for Custodians/Maintenance
    • Custodian ($44,769) and Maintenance (-$17,064) represents this account.
    • The reduction is a result of reductions to staff at CHS that has beend assigned to a contractor service.
    • The contract for the custodial employee calls for a 2% was increase in 2011 and 0% in 2012.

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