Monday, October 3, 2011

10/6 BOE Open Forum Meeting

The annual BOE Open Forum meeting is scheduled for Thursday 10/6 at 7:30pm in Town Council chambers. This meeting is traditionally set up to allow Board committees to meet informally with members of the public.  The format has been to have the Curriculum and Planning Committees meet during the first half hour and then the Finance and Policy Committees meet during the second half hour.

This is a great opportunity for the public to interrogate the BOE members and administration, share ideas/issues/concerns, etc. Last year this meeting was well-attended and with the election next month, I hope we have a great turnout.


Anonymous said...

This is great
A great town
a great field

Tim White said...

Tony, OT, but... as a member of the new technology study committee, I have a request for you.

In an effort to reduce spending, I request the committee investigate:

voice recognition software

The Council, and presumably the BOE, incur significant expense related to the recording of minutes.

I tried to go down this road a few years ago and made no headway as there was significant institutional resistance (where the taxpayers win, certain staff lose). Regardless, I understand that VRS is improving in leaps'n'bounds. I just heard about something called "Dragon" that's supposed to be 99% accurate on an initial use... and improves from there.

Here's a piece from Fox Boston on how it benefits kids with learning challenges in the classroom.

I have no interest in Dragon (or any other VRS). I'm just using it as an example of how far the technology has come... and how it may be able to improve services and save money.