Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheshire Teacher of The Year - Ms. Megumi Yamamoto!

Ms. Megumi Yamamoto was honored as Cheshire's Teacher of the Year during last weeks' BOE meeting. I have never met Ms. Yamamoto in person until the presentation last week but I've often heard about her from students, faculty and administrators alike. She is a very positive influence on her students and is regarded highly by her colleagues. She also made a lasting impression on me shortly before the teachers' concessions discussions. Among the politics being thrown around at the time about concessions, Ms. Yamamoto reached out to me and offered to help foster a positive dialogue with her colleagues. Unselfishly, her main concern was the students. I still owe her a cup of coffee! Congratulations Megumi!

More on the Cheshire Teacher of The Year at the Cheshire Patch.

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Tim White said...

Congratulations Megumi!