Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Malloy's 2011-2013 Education Budget Details

I received an email from CABE today containing the governor's budget (proposed) details for education. It appears that Malloy want to continue funding ECS at current levels and plug the 14.6% gap with state funding (read: increasing taxes). Though many of the points below lack detail...I particularly find the last point interesting but doubt he'll be able to pull it off with the teacher's unions.

While keeping ECS at current levels seems like good news, there's bad news for Cheshire *. As I reported in the "Trainwrecks" topic, and ECS committee has been re-formulating the ECS formula to shift funding away from wealthy towns (i.e. Cheshire) to "priority" school districts. It appears we'll know the new ECS formula come October.

Town by Town Numbers can be found here. See E15-44.

Governor Releases 2011-13 Budget
Supporting Public Education

ECS Education Cost Sharing – Maintain the 2010-11 grant level for 2011-13 by filling the 14.6% gap with state funding. * Create a committee to report by October, 2011 on a new funding formula.

Special education excess cost – Maintain at 2010-11funding level

Transportation – 10% reduction of 2010-11 appropriation

School construction – Reduce the reimbursement rate for new construction to 15-65%, and to 80% for magnet schools. Maintain reimbursement rates for renovation projects.

Open Choice$14. 5 million$19.8 million$22.1 million
Magnet Schools$174.1 million$215.9 million$235.6 million
Priority Districts$117.2 million$112.6 million$112.1 million

$5.7 million over 2 years for early childhood to leverage private funding

Minimum budget requirement (MBR) - for FY 2011-12 and FY 2012-13, require that a town’s budgeted appropriation for education is at least equal to the appropriation for education in FY 2010-11 plus the funding the district received through State Fiscal Stabilization Funds. (This does not include the federal education jobs funding appropriated last August)

$2 million for student longitudinal data and teacher accountability.  

The Governor proposed transferring over a 4 year period the operation of the Connecticut Technical High School System (CTHSS) over a four year period to be operated by the districts in which the schools are located or by the Regional Education Service Center (RESC) that serves the area. A new Technical High School Grant will be provided to districts and/or RESCs for the operation of such schools. 

The Governor also proposed tenure modifications to give local districts flexibility to retain new talented, teachers (Further details are not yet available)


Anonymous said...

Funny how no one is commenting on Malloy's proposals.
Maybe reality is setting in?

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that Malloy's plan places the tax burden squarely on the shoulders of non-unionized taxpayers with a $1.5B tax hike while there's NO change to union employee contracts, unaffordable pension plan and near-zero state employee layoffs.

Pretty much what we expected a (D) governor would do once in office. Be proud.

Anonymous said...

I oppose turning Wilcox Tech. over to the Meriden District to run. Why? Meriden is a failing school district, Wilcox is not. Seems a set up for more failure to me. I would prefer to see ACES take over as they have done fairly well with Thomas Edison Middle School in Meriden - at least better than Meriden has done with its other 2 middle schools. For those interested, the bill is 6385 and its up for a public hearing before the education committe 2/23. They work fast, don't they?