Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cheshire '11 Election Results

The town council remains largely unchanged with the exception of a tie in the 4th district between Peter Talbot and Steve Carroll. The last time there was a tie on the town council was in 1971. If they remain tied after a mandatory recount, a special election will be held to determine the winner. I commend both Steve and Peter for running an effective campaign and I know both worked/walked the 4th district very hard.

With the Town Council maintaining majority: Is this result a vote of confidence that the Republican majority is doing a good job? Some will consider this result a mandate from the voters confirming the case. Others maintain that, votes aside, low voter turnout is to blame and voters are simply frustrated. Thoughts?

On the Board of Education Cathy Hellreich is back after losing the election in 2009. Party differences aside, I think Cathy's curriculum background is a plus. We have a newcomer Marlena Soble. I have not met Marlena yet but I understand she has a legal background which may bode will for the BOE on the policy committee since Alan Sobol did not seek re-election this year.

Speaking of Alan Sobol, MRJ, reports that Alan Sobol resigned from the BOE. This is news to me. Alan has missed several BOE and Policy committee meetings this year but there was no news of a resignation unless it happened this past week. I hope all is well with Alan.

Incumbent BOE members Todd Dixon, and Gerry Brittingham were re-elected. Newcomer Ed Hill was edged out by Ms. Soble. The Republicans maintain majority on the BOE 4-3.

Town Council
Patti Flynn-Harris (D)
Mike Ecke (D)
Sylvia Nichols (R)
Jimmy Sima (R)
Tim Slocum (R)
David Schrumm (R) 1st District
Tom Ruocco (R) 2nd District
Andy Falvey (R) 3rd District
Steve Carroll (R) 4th District*
Peter Talbot (D)  4th District*
* Tie

Board of Education
Cathy Hellreich (D)
Marlena Soble (D)
Stephen Mwroka (D)
Gerry Brittingham (R)
Todd Dixon (R)
Sandy Pavno (R)
Tony Perugini (R)


Anonymous said...

Tony the counter was 638 at CHS around 3:30pm. fyi.

Tim White said...

I understand that Republicans won the Council. Dismal turnout though.

BOE had five candidates (3 R, 2 D). 2 Rs and 2 Ds won.

Top vote-getter was Tim Slocum with 3100 votes.

In 2003, Orsini and Schrumm were the top vote-getters with 4000 votes each.

In 2005, Hall led the way with 5000 votes. In 2007, he dropped to 4000 votes.

And 2009 saw Tim Slocum as the top vote-getter with 3600 votes.

But a high vote total of 3100 votes is by far the lowest number in my memory.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all candidates that prevailed tonight and thanks to all who worked hard but din't make it. To my friend Mr. White...A win is a win.

To the voters that couldn't make it despite 70 degree temps. Your vote matters. Note the tie in the fourth.

To all voters...Thanks for your support. To all critics. I'll still listen.

Six R-two D-and tie t/b settled. The gavel won't change, times are no different, mandate stands.
Tim Slocum,
Chairman- Cheshire Town Council

The results:
Town Council
1st David Schrumm R 1008
2nd Tom Ruocco R 767- Matt Bowman 625
3rd Andy Falvey R 626,- Scmidtt 496
4th Tie - automatic manual recount
Steve Carroll R 797 - Peter Talbot 797

Slocum R 3265
Ecke D 3113
Sima R 3021
Nichols R 3001
Flynn-Harris D 2970

BOE - R's maintain majority...so much for the EAC-PAC questionnaire.

Brittingham R - 3493
Hellreich D - 3488
Dixon R - 3411
Soble R - 3361

Final mention...PZC uncahnged.

Anonymous said...

What happens with the 4th District since it ende in a tie?

Anonymous said...

The turnout in this election is disgusting. They need to find a way to realign the town elections with either governor's races or presidential elections to improve turn out. The fact that such a small segment of the population participates in my opinion makes this town government lack legitimacy.

The fact that many on the council will claim they have some mandate behind their reign is ridiculous with turn out this low.

There is a severely low voter efficacy rate in this town. People feel that what they say and do has little to know impact, so why bother voting. its very sad.

Anonymous said...

"The fact that many on the council will claim they have some mandate behind their reign is ridiculous with turn out this low. "

People in general are happy with what the town council has accomplished over the last 2 years. The vote of confidence in this election is proof. Sorry.

If the dumbocrats want to make some headway in these elections they need to stop with the over-the-top theatrics, sky is falling routine and focus on specifics.

That's what the republicans did in this election. Voters that used to get sucked into the dumbocrats drama are now far and few in between. This town needs leaders, not babies, and aside from Mr. Ecke leaders were elected in this election.

Anonymous said...

6:32 AM

The election was legitimate. To prove otherwise will require all duly elected to miss their swearing in ceromony. I'll be there and I will be voting on every matter that comes before the next town Council for two more years.

Tim Slocum

Anonymous said...

The voters that actually exercised their right to vote did just that yesterday. Rather than be upset at the republican majority one should be upset at those voters that chose not to vote yesterday.

If there was an ideal opportunity to be heard and make a difference it was yesterday. The voters spoke and mandated that the republicans maintain majority.

That's what happened yesterday.

Breachway said...

Are people assuming that those who didnt show up would have voted differently? As far as why they didnt show up, maybe they were discouraged with the NO vote on the track referendum and then the town goes ahead and does it anyway?
Mr Mayor - Congrats - vote count is irrelevant...what exactly is the MANDATE? LOL...

Tim White said...

maybe they were discouraged with the NO vote on the track referendum and then the town goes ahead and does it anyway?

Breach, I agree. Not right at all. And to then suggest "Your vote matters" is pretty ridiculous... or maybe it should be "your vote matters... if we agree. If not... too bad."

Anonymous said...

Fair question.
And since I get to interpret that over the next two years I believe our mandate remains to manage your tax dollars fairly before adding more to your burden. This obviously varies by household budgets and personal perspectives.

My list goes this way.
1.Making choices that have the greatest benefit for most.
2.Bargain hard and effectively with town and education labor unions during this council term. The impacts on you are huge.
3. Continue to challenge our hired managers in the town and education depts. to work with us (and they have) to make us leaner and better.
4. Fix and maintain what we have and that includes a waste water upgrade that won't go away despite the close rejection by taxpayers.
5. Represent the town ably and responcibly and respond to your concerns effectively.
6. Understand I can't please all and know I'm not expected to so either. Yes is usually easy. No can be harder. Yes can be right and no can be wrong.
7. Double town council members stipend :0)
Tim Slocum

Anonymous said...

So when do we find out who wins - Carroll or Talbot?