Friday, November 4, 2011

Cheshire Storm Cleanup Plan

From Tim Slocum:

Please disseminate this information to all your neighbours and friends over the coming days.

1. The town will be accepting debris at Quinnipiac Park, Mixville Park & Bartlem. The exact areas and what will be accepted will be detailed on the town's website and announced in a code red call later today.

2. Once Council approves the 100K appropriation for town-wide debris removal, crews will work the town as we have done in the past with the bulky waste pick-up. This work will commence Monday 11/14. We may be unable to get this in the Cheshire Herald for Thursday 11/ 10 but the info will get in the other dailies, the town website and with code reds to all homeowners that are registered with the system.

3. Registering with code red can be done on the town's website, The public is encouraged to register their cell phone numbers.

4. Please take the time to thank town employees when you encounter them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cheshire Park is not a debris drop site. Scratch that it should read Quinnipiac Park.

Tim Slocum