Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/15 BOE Business Meeting Agenda

BOE Business is scheduled for tomorrow night 7:30pm in Town Council chambers. I unfortunately will not be attending the meeting as I'm helping with a Starlight Children's Foundation special event in NY tomorrow night. BOE Meeting agenda:


Anonymous said...

I know you weren't able to be at the meeting, Tony, but could you find out more about the turf/track project add'l expenses that will go over the $10,000 contingency?

Tim White said...

Tony... recognizing that student enrollment is above the anticipated level... is the BOE moving forward with a discussion of redistricting?

Anonymous said...

Let's be positive
We have a great town
We are in the top 100
Don't hate
Say something good and celebrate

Tony Perugini said...

10:12, RAD Sports (contractor) removed the track surface and Milone/MacBroom marked the underlying asphalt areas that need repair. It was expected the cost of the asphalt repair would be just under $10K. I was not at the meeting Thursday night to get the final numbers but I will follow up with Mr. Masciana Monday morning to get the final number.

Anonymous said...

There are spray painted areas, orange for crack sealing, white, patch and bright pink for damages caused by contractor. The white ares are minimal, plenty of orange and a big bright pink on the south end of the track. It will be difficult to prove the repair work is close to 10K and if it reaches 3K that's a lot. I was told that the track was not even fully exposed when that 10K assessment was made.

Tim S.

Anonymous said...

who told you that Tim? You always say someone told you something but we never can verify
Who told you about the track.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting any sort of actual, documented fact from Mr. Slocum.

Anonymous said...

To the preivious 2 posters...

I asked why three paint colors were used on the recently exposed track subservice asphalt base. I observed that it probably related to condition but I'm a fabric guy and flaws in fabrics vary from pavement but I didn't think damages I saw could possibly be worth 10K in repairs.

The explanation was provided through the school district a day or so later and conveyed to town council during Michael Milone's Town manager report at the TC meeting of 9/13. The minutes will support this as will the video.

Glad to see there are at least two people in this string that do not care to verify pretty easily verified info. Sadly that is the depth of some pretty shallow thought processers so to my critics I say get elected. Both parties in town are running only 4 at large candidates and not 5 because most of our critics are just that. They don't step up and serve anything more than gripes. How's that for a few facts to ponder?
Tim Slocum

Anonymous said...

too often Tim says he heard something from someone then we find out later that was incorrect

Anonymous said...

5:24 What part don't you get? Tim explains it in his second paragraph.

Anonymous said...

yes i noticed that too!
I heard this and I heard that
and then..wham its not true!
why does he do that!!

Robert said...

Tim also didn't attend the PBC meeting last week to hear the update about the project, the costs to repair the track and how they were arrived at by Milone and MacBroom who stood behind their assessment without issue from the PBC.

Somehow Tim has suddenly become an engineer and more knowledgeable about track repair than the engineers at Milone. Sadly, the PBC wasn't graced with his presence and didn't hear his expert testimony last week.

Doesn't anyone else find it odd that the leader of this town council has chosen to spread his 'concerns' about the track on some obscure blog but cannot seem to convey his 'concerns' in a forum where something can be done about it? Say a Town Council meeting, PBC meeting or even the turf subcommittee meetings?

Tim, you voted to have the PBC undertake this project. As mayor of Cheshire and chairman of the Town Council I find it difficult to believe that you are unable (perhaps unwilling) to confront the PBC about this.

The Town Council chose to undertake this project and assign it to the PBC. The Town Council chose to apppropriate additional funds to resurface the track. Bottom line is that the Town Council, led by Tim Slocum, took responsibility and voted to undertake this project. If the Town Council, led by Tim Slocum, is unable to take accountability for this project then this Town Council, led by Tim Slocum, needs to be replaced in November.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I'm not certain where my accountability is an issue here. My support of the track project is a matter of public record after months of discussion during council public meetings and outside the council...PBC, BOE, etc. The Council has directed PBC to do what it is charged to do by charter .

I don't go to every town meeting in Cheshire. We voluteers do have other obligations. PBC will be reporting to TC by way of our liaison, Jim Sima or directly if necessary. It is not my place to rest control of any board in this town but it is my right to raise a question...especially since we were led to believe we had a rock solid number on the track.

I gather that you don't like the track project and I know there are members of my caucus that were unsupportive too but stating I make unsuppportable statements day in and day out is mistaken. I'm no engineer either and have never stated special knowledge in that realm either but I will continue as an elected member of the council to make decisions I think are in the best interests of the town. While this is not unique among members of the council it does prepare us for our critics.

If the electorate thinks resurfacing the track is bad for the town and determines I must go so be it.

I suspect the electorate may look at the big picture but who knows. I know this is an "obscure blog" so feel free to call me to discuss this further or email me if you like.

Anonymous said...

Tim takes his orders from Shrumm
It is so funny to see him get a wisper from shrumm during the meetings and then he just repeats what dave said

Breachway said...

any update on the costs vs estimates?

Tony Perugini said...

Folks, MacBroom gave an ESTIMATE. It could very well be that the actual cost could come in around $3K as Tim mentioned. MacBroom believes the costs won't pass the $10K contingency. We should know by the next PBC meeting in October.

The PBC Track & Turf Sub Committee meeting was held on 9/7 (not last week) and an update was given on the track surface repairs. Members from the PBC and Public Works were present. Not sure why the update on the track didn't reach the Town Council until 9/13 since the PBC knew about it on 9/7.

In fact, I was at Town Hall that evening attending the technology study group meeting and 3 Town Council members were present. Afterwards, we learned about the track resurfacing estimate that evening.

On 9/8, I received an email from Mr. Masciana. The BOE, Michael Milone and a PBC member were CC'd as well and informed about the track surfacing issue/estimate.

So not sure why it was a surprise to the TC one week later especially since Michael Milone knew about it a week earlier.

Meeting minutes from the 9/7 meeting can be found here:

"...has chosen to spread his 'concerns' about the track on some obscure blog "

I take offense to this statement. Apparently, it wasn't obscure enough for you to find it now was it? ;-)

In all seriousness, since 11/10 this blog has seen 21K page views across many of the topics/discussions posted. I think this blog is actively viewed and I've heard from many folks in town that read this blog.

So, I applaud Tim for chiming in here to get the word out about the track resurfacing. It doesn't hurt to help keep residents informed outside of meetings.

Before folks take to the streets with pitch forks and torches over the track repairs let's at least wait for an actual number from MacBroom.


Anonymous said...

Tony, friends and foes,

I was aware of the track "subsurface" damage estimates a week prior to our 9/13 TC meeting. That is why explanations on color coding and their implications resulting in higher costs were sought by me and other TC members and then reported on to the extent possible at that meeting. Vincent Masciana has been very good at sharing info with the the council.

As for your obscure blog. I view it as one of the local coffee shops...without the caffeine. I don't get in to all of those either. The talk is probably about the same, hence I visit yours, Tim White Listens and Underground Town hall often. I hear complaints in these venues,defend where I must or seek ways to resolve.

Tim Slocum

Breachway said...

Blog is great Tony - thanks for putting in the time