Monday, June 27, 2011

Norton Boilergate

I left this here as a placeholder so that details/facts about the Norton Boiler project can be shared as they're made available. I think Anonymous has legitimate questions:

"I read a recent letter to the editor in the WRA, where the head of the original bidding company Combustion responded to that paper's recent article about the Norton boiler project.

He mentioned several safety-related issues there. Does anyone know what is going on at Norton for real? If the State was/is involved from a safety point of view, what is really going on over there? Has the town really paid extra, and how can we find out?"

I'm certain that between the TC and BOE we can get the facts posted here. Stay tuned. 


Tim White said...

Tony, there were multiple problems with hotWatergate...

One thing sticks out in my mind though...

Have there been any consequences / accountability for the town staff involved in this mess?

Has the Council settled the lawsuit?

If so, then I presume there must have been some accountability / consequences for the voters who got stuck with all the unnecessary spending in excess of $100,000.

Obviously it wouldn't make any sense to settle a lawsuit, stick the taxpayers with a huge bill... and not hold anyone accountable. Right?

Tim White said...

Come to think of it, there must of been some consequences for this mess. After all, it wouldn't make any sense to spend time on the turf, track, trail and pool... if the waste & mismanagement in government hadn't been addressed. Right?

If not, then Cheshire would be as bad as Washington.

So what were the consequences for this screwup? The taxpayers got stuck with a huge bill. I think we deserve to know... and no, spending more money (on new purchasing software) and increasing the size of government is not an acceptable answer IMO.

Anonymous said...

Wow! look at all the details that have been shared since this "placeholder" went up... can anyone tell who is involved? GIVE ME A 'B'....