Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cheshire Teacher's Agree on 'Concessions' - 4/14 RepAm Article

Rep-Am article can be found here: Cheshire teachers agree concessions

"The Board of Education is expected to approve a concessions package tonight that guarantees no teacher layoffs for two years and splits the pay and step increase for teachers over that period."

I was part of the negotiation team and have insight into this agreement. I cannot comment any further since this is pending executive session this evening and I'm not sure what I can talk about since I signed a mound of NDA paper work.

I hope to post more after tonight's meeting.


Anonymous said...

This is a win for the teachers union leaders. No layoffs with a declining student population? The BOE and TC has sold the Town out again. The teachers will hope for the economy to recover and push for a democratic vitory in Nov so they can negotiate another bloated contract. That's why people don't attend meetings. I'm sure if this went to referendum this concession would not pass. Terrible job (BOE and TC) negotiators). So the taxpayers will take it on the chin again.

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to figure out what they're giving up. They're still getting the step and pay raises...just spread out over 2 years instead of one...huh?? They're still getting it.

And to guarantee no layoffs is crazy.

Anonymous said...

What choice does the BOE have at this point? The TC butchered the budget before the union even voted on a package. A very dumb move on the part of the TC as it must have shifted power in the negotiations completely towards the union.

Now, with the budget passed the union knows full well that the BOE can't possibly eliminate 30-40 positions to cover the reduction. The TC setup the BOE and the union wins.

Tony: What happens if the BOE doesn't pass the concession package? It seems to me that the BOE is in a no-win situation. You must be proud of your colleagues on the TC. Who in their right mind would make a dumb move of butchering the budget on the eve of a union vote?

If the BOE passes the package, they lose. If the BOE doesn't pass the package, they lose.

Meanwhile, the TC (being the snakes that they are) can sit back and point the finger at the BOE. Wow.

Sorry Tony, but this is a setup of epic proportions. Good luck.

Tony Perugini said...

"And to guarantee no layoffs is crazy."

Perhaps but there's more to it that hasn't been reported. As I mentioned in the post, I hope I can report more after tonight's meeting.

Anonymous said...

If they teachers were speaking with administrators & boe back in February why didn't they present their concession package back then? Seems to me THEY purposely waited until the TC voted on the budget.

And didn't we hear all last year that they couldn't make concessions because they'd have to take a vote on opening up their contract? Guess that wasn't exactly true.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the comments of a liberal D anxious to rejoin the council.

So the TC should have ante'd up with 1.5 million and the teachers would not have voted for the concessions?

This is win for the teachers but its a one year extension not a new three year deal. Yeah...they get the same, just not in the same budget cycle. And as long as a Republican council is reelected their will never be another contract like the last one...not even close, no matter what party controls the BOE.

Without concessions there would have been layoffs and wailing in the hallways. Maybe the TC would have come up to a million instead of $975,000 increase but I doubt those "snakes" on the TC would have come up with more. Your upset because your just not much of a poker player.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:46
"Butchered the budget" How could you be thinking that? Have you read about what other Towns are doing. They have had layoffs and no wage increases for the last few years.
How about the governors plan"B"? Cheshires share could be reduced by 5 MILLION dollars? Thank the TC for the forsight not to use a major portion of the RDF. We are lucky.

Anonymous said...

"Your upset because your just not much of a poker player."

Yes, I never would've thought about showing my hand before my opponent showed theirs. I think it's called, calling one's bluff?

And that's exactly what the union did yesterday. They now hold all of the cards and will come out of this smelling like roses.

Good job town council, next time I have a poker game I'd like you all there as I could use the easy money.

Anonymous said...

That's an offer that we should refuse. The union leaders had their chance for the last few years and have done nothing. They now throw out some crums after the budget was passed. Sorry, but it's late. As a long time taxpayer I believe that we were held hostage. I will take many chances with next years negotiations and support the TC"s budget.

Anonymous said...

As a tax paying resident who contributes to the towns budget, including teacher's salaries, I would hope that we will all be able to hear what was truly given up in those negotiations.
These should not be issues hidden from the public.
There are still unanswered questions.

Anonymous said...

actually speaking from a negotiation standpoint. While i commend the teacher union for FINALLY cooperating. This is a managable agreement. The teachers Union by "extending" thier contract actually put themselves in line (actually just behind) the other bargaining units in town. This actually will hurt them going forward as the Town can show an arbitor what the other unions have received and/or agreed to. THis could negatively impact thier standing as contracts take other local bargaining units into account. Look for the teachers to work out a two year deal at their next contract to get ahead of the other unions again.

Tony Perugini said...

As a tax paying resident who contributes to the towns budget, including teacher's salaries, I would hope that we will all be able to hear what was truly given up in those negotiations.
These should not be issues hidden from the public.
There are still unanswered questions."

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