Monday, January 17, 2011


At the first account review meeting an audience member asked about Mandates that the school district must comply with (be it funded, un-funded or partially funded). Dr. Florio put together this document in response to the question.

It also doesn't include Race To The Top mandates. Yes, even though CT was not awarded any funding for RTTP participation, we're still obligated by some it's mandates. Although this list outlines would be helpful if they were defined and, ultimately, dollars assigned to each mandate. The latter could be a challenge to identify and track but could be worth the effort.


Anonymous said...

I saw on the BOE website a meeting was added for tomorrow night. What is on the agenda for this new meeting? Thursday night is still the public comment meeting right?

Tony Perugini said...

The meeting tomorrow night is allow commentary from the both BOE Finance Commitee and the public.

I expect a motion to be presented by the finance committee to forward a budget to the full BOE.

If so, it will be discussed Thursday night and I do expect public commentary on it. I'll post the Thursday agenda. thx.

Anonymous said...

We cut teachers every year. Is there any thought to cutting administration? In looking over the reports, it seems that administration expenses are increasing even more than teachers? I understand that some funding is expiring for the new assistant superintendent? Has this position been examined?

Anonymous said...

"Interesting thing here is that, in some years, BOE's have eaten Special Ed cost overruns from it's operating budget while TC's used the reimbursement to prop up the rainy day fund to the tune of $516K ($512,850 over the last 5 years)"

Talk about bad faith - the governing bodies aren't faithful to one another. Thanks for raising this awareness.