Thursday, December 23, 2010

CT Education Commissioner Resigns

CT Education commissioner Mark McQuillan handed in his resignation to state leaders, citing "stress" of the high-profile a.k.a read Big Target, position. "I realized that I no longer wanted to do this work, and saw all too plainly that the stresses of my job are more than they should be and more than I am willing to accept," he wrote."

This announcement follows a blow out he had a day earlier with his advisory committee. Also, I believe, he sees the writing on the wall as Malloy will replace him anyway. You can read the article here.

I first met him last year at the CT CABE conference for new BOE members. At the conference, Mr. McQuillan was pitching support for Obama's Race to The Top education program. What bothered me about it was that Mr. McQuillan had no plan for CT on how to support the program but he wanted enough signatures so CT could receive funding for it. IMO, it was a desperate attempt to solicit support for funding without knowing the strings attached to the program. Very short-sighted and most Superintendents and BOE's in CT did not sign the application. It was apparent to me then, and now, that Mr. McQuillan was very short-sighted and reactionary. So his departure may not be a bad thing...except...

Malloy will appoint a new head of education. This is a mixed blessing...fresh leadership is welcomed but if the so-called education mandates that have been passed by the democrats in Hartford over the last several years are any indication...I'm afraid that education costs will skyrocket and not for good reason.  Think elevator access to press boxes. Time will soon tell.


Anonymous said...

Elevator is federal tony not state
race to the top is better than the rep bush plan of nclb
stop being so republican and be a real board member

Tony Perugini said...

While ADA is federal the solution for an elevator at the press box is Hartford's requirement even though there are other less-expensive and more common sense options such as making available a first-row level press area in the stands that is ADA accessible(such as West Haven's solution). The D's have turned a deaf ear to our CRA audit concerns. With Malloy in Hartford, we can expect more government, more wasteful spending. Sorry, that's not Republican...just reality.

As for RTTTP...what makes it great? Did you read and decipher the RTTTP application and program requirements? At best, it robs funding and great teachers from performing school districts such as Cheshire and allocates them to poor-performing districts such as Bridgeport. This, under the guise that poor performing teachers and lack of funding is causing poor pupil performance in urban school districts.

Not to mention the unfunded mandates (as well as vague requirements) placed onto each state that is chosen for RTTP. If you can decipher those requirements in the back of the application...give Mr. Malloy a call.

The entire Cheshire BOE did not support RTTP. Many BOE's and Superintendent's in CT didn't support it. I know, I was there when the ex-education commissioner was pleading to BOE's to support RTTTP in the 11th hour that the application was due. It's not a Republican thing...just common sense.

I see that my commentary bothers you. Sorry, it's not my intention. My advice for you is to grab some Maalox if you want to read my blog because I'm not a comfy blanket.

Anonymous said...

" My advice for you is to grab some Maalox if you want to read my blog because I'm not a comfy blanket."

LMAO...that is funny righ there.